THESEUS (Thee-See-Us) was the King of Athens, a great and noble warrior who disguised himself as a commoner, a virgin male, to be sent to Crete as a sacrifice for the Minotaur.

Upon his arrival, the entire city of Crete came to greet him and the other offerings aboard the ship, to witness those who will appease the Minotaur and bring sovereignty to the city for another year.

Ariadne, daughter of,____, King of Crete, fell in love with THESEUS from the moment she saw him, in secret she gave the masquerading victim and ball of twine, "Use this to find your way out of the labyrinth...", she said, "...and I shall wait for you here at the entrance.".

There, deep within the labyrinth, THESEUS killed the Minotaur thanks to his skills in combat, thus putting an end to the annual savagery and saving the lives of five other virgins, and countless others in the future.

Finding his way out though would have proven to be more difficult had it not been for his love, Ariadne.

This story is the cornerstone of our label, THESEUS, that as strong as we think we are, we are all certainly stronger with love on our side.