This weather; what a c#nt hey.

So, no bullshit, I'm really feeling for my peoples back home in Victoria, you all seem so strong and vigilant amongst this chaos, and, for the most part, everyone seems to be looking out for each other, not just themselves.

As such, I want to shed the spotlight on a Melbourne label and artist from who have shown strength and perseverance during these trying times.

Firstly, Cagey's Planet is keeping the positive vibes going on a consistent, unnerving basis; they always seem to post the most heartfelt and uplifting shit whenever I need to see it.

From the outset, CP has been outspoken about how their products are made, ethically - sweatshop, child labour and forced labour free. Their designs and aesthetic mirror their sentiments and we hope to see them around for a long time. Follow them on Instagram here.

Supporting the man Dexter Seamus, I saw Daniel Elia perform and was blown away. I honestly thought, from the moment he hit the stage, the dude is destined for big things. Like most born performers, Daniel is itching to get back out there, to share his gift with the world.

Thankfully, regardless of Stage 4 restrictions, Victoria is currently undergoing, Daniel has a new album releasing soon, 'Product of a Heartbreak', a work of deep personal reflection for the young artist.

Follow Daniel on Instagram here, to stay up to date with his movements.

Speaking of Melbourne artist, we are so pleased to bring to you our latest THESEUS_FM mixtape, Volume 3: Tall Grass, mixed by Melbourne producer and DJ, Able8 (Uncomfortable Beats/The Operatives).

Able8 is an artist known for his bass-laden beats and DJ sets that cross the spectrum between Hip-Hop and multi-genre Bass-Music.

Based in Melbourne, he is part of The Operatives crew and manages his own label 'Uncomfortable Beats' which sheds light on beat-makers both in Australia and overseas. Outside of his productions and mixes as Able8, his musical projects include footwork, jungle and halftime creations under the alias ’RaptorHandz' which has recently seen him recently release with labels such as Diffrent Music, Aufect and Samsara Beats, to name a few. He is also the producer for 'Hi Trax' a Dubstep and Grime influenced side project featuring rappers Joe Snow and Sinks. You can expect to hear their second EP ‘Enter The Food Chain’ next year. You may have heard Able8’s beats on the recent Theseus skate video, included from his joint project with London lyricist Benny Diction.

Tall Grass sits just above the 40-minute mark and features tracks both old and new, skipping between genres and tempos and including a handful of Able8's own original material along the way, click here to listen.

Before I leave, if you haven't grabbed a piece from the Smileboros range yet, you can grab them here. If your desired size is sold out, you can also try our good friends Sure and Concrete Jungle.

Turn on.

Tune in.

Drop out.


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