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'...2020 Visions and murals with metaphors...'

A bit late here, but welcome to 2020.

It's only March at this year has been exhausting, like pack it all in exhausting.

Thankfully, I have not seen anyone call it a day, just take a hiatus; the outpouring of respect, love and just general concern has truly been wonderful. From sole proprietors such as SW69 all the way to world-leading streetwear stores like Lo-Fi with their PSA message(s).

Even our old pals back in Melbourne, Sure Store have closed their doors for the time-being, offering Free Shipping Australia wide and Free Sure Store 'Care Packages', for orders over $100. We still have some stock on sale, so hit them up ASAP and grab yourself a bargain.

For us on a personal level, the end of 2019 saw us move from Melbourne to Perth; a move that, I admit, I was not thrilled about, but we have come to really like the place. I have nothing against Perth, I just love Melbourne, but hey, I can love them both... right?

There is so much in the way of creative talent out here (Butter Goods, HAL, Street X, Oli Clothing etc. etc.) and it helps us strive to do better, to pay greater attention to the ever shifting sands of the apparel world. Not that intend to 'fit in' per se, but it certainly is good to see things continually moving.

One creative that I have already had the pleasure of working with is Peter Hayes, a Perth based fashion photographer and one man media powerhouse. Peter reached out to me awhile before the move out West was even on the cards, as time progressed it seemed that we were destined to work together as he resides in Scarborough Beach, a mere 10-15 minute drive from where I rest my hat.

Peter has lent his creative talents for our new Autumn 2020 release, FastBreak; a mini-capsule of two of our most coveted pieces, the Outrun tee and our ever popular logo tee.

The Outrun tee is present on two separate colours, Coral Red and Fruit Green, whereas our newest logo tee's are complete in 1980's Lakers colours, Gold and Fuchsia Purple and vice versa.

This range of tee's are printed on our lightweight t-shirts (the same as our Formations release), which give greater length and more breathability; Perth-ect for this climate.

Peter utilises the one thing that I respect more than anything, communication. From the outset Peter instilled confidence in us that he would do all he could to get the shoot done just as we had imagined it. From scouting locations to sourcing the right model for the job, he took the task on like it was his own label. You can view his work on our website and Instagram, and you can follow him at @peterdhayes .

Our FastBreak release will be available tomorrow, 12:20pm, AEDST.

Accompanying this collection we are please to announce that we will be uploading monthly/bi-monthly mixes from some of Australia's best underground DJ's, producers, MC's and musicians. An eclectic array of styles and symphonies for your aural pleasure.

The first cab off the rank is Sydney saviour and one half of the party power posse, Cosmic Boogie; Mr. Daniel Rubio aka Cosmo Jones. A true selecta, a tune chameleon, a comprehensive cosmetic cosmonaut. Whatever you want to call him, he's got the goods.

You can follow Cosmo Jones and his partner in crime, Tom Penny, as the collective Cosmic Boogie, on Facebook here.

Find his mix on our home page or follow us on Soundcloud here.

We have big plans for the next year, whether or not they come into fruition waits to be seen.

Love, peace and harmony,

RIP Kobe and Gigi,


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