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Safe & Sound

So... yeah, where to start...

On a personal level, COVID-19 has had very little effect on my family and myself, for which I am very grateful. On a business level, it's kind of the same, really. I mean we are still here, which is great, but things have been moving at a slower pace. But, in the words the American poet, O'Shea Jackson, 'Life ain't a track meet, it's a marathon.', so we remain steadfast, strong and vigilant.

That strength is strength in numbers, having worked with an outsider artist for the first time, we are happy to be launching our 'Smile-boro's' mini-release soon, with an awesome illustration by @tayone.abz all the way from Andorra.

It is said that in all of history, from all stories, the most dangerous, most lethal, most unstoppable creature is, Ouroboros. Often depicted as 'a snake eating its own head', Ouroboros surrounds the known universe, bending and making time itself into a flat circle.

In essence, it means that nothing can be done to better the fate of the world, that everything that has happened before—plague, genocide, movies about ABBA, always was and always will be. That we are destined to never learn from our mistakes; so you might as well strap on a smile and go about your day, safe in the knowledge that what you do doesn't matter.

Heavy, innit?!

Release information to come soon, you can join the mailing list at the bottom of our page for pre-orders which we will be running soon.

But the numbers don't end there, for we are excited to announce a new stockist, Brunswick(ed) sneaker and streetwear traders, Concrete Jungle.

Additionally, we are elated to bring to you the second instalment of our THESEUS_FM mixes, this time we've tapped an Adelaide Drum & Bass legend on the shoulder to do his finest, ladies and gentlemen... MC/DJ Pab.

A global artist in every sense of the word, Pab opened Sun and Bass (15 years edition) in Italy back in 2018 and performed at WOMADelaide with DJ Marky (London/São Paulo) and was also involved in the development of the Chilean Drum and Bass scene while residing there for 7 years (2005-2012).

However, Pab he began his career in the early ’90s in the Adelaide rave and club scene. Quickly establishing a name within the dance music community, he MCed to rave, techno, breakbeat and then jungle.

He is one of the pioneers of the Jungle / Drum and Bass scene in Australia having been involved in the early development of the scene in Adelaide and Melbourne. He was part of Adelaide’s first jungle party “Beat Boo Yah” and performed at the early Melbourne “Panic” parties.

He has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass, including Grooverider, DJ Marky, Fabio, Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn, Aphrodite, Goldie, Storm, Moving Fusion, Ulterior Motive, Skeptical, ED Rush & Optical, Spectrasoul, Dillinja, S.P.Y, Level 2, Cern, Need for Mirrors, Bryan Gee, Icicle, Klute, A-Sides, Tee Bee, Teddy Killerz, Loxy & Ink, Bayley, Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Kevin Saunderson, 4 strings and many more. He has MCed back to back with: Stevie Hyper D, Fearless, GQ, Warren G, and Skibba D.

PAB has performed in Australia, South America, Europe and Asia and has played at festivals such as Love Parade (Chile), Big Day Out, Sun and Bass, Earth Festival, Enchanted Forest, Ultraworld, Thunderdome, Two Tribes, Welcome and Summer Daze to name a few.

PAB currently produces on his own and with Griff (G-Swift) as Hooligan Soul and promotes under the Subalicious brand.

As a promoter, he has run nights in Adelaide including Sessions, The Cumby and Hooligan Jam and in Santiago (Chile). He is a member of the Inbound Squadron (Inbound Records) which recently celebrated a milestone of 20 years.

Dig the vibes and follow us on Soundcloud here.

I hope you are all doing well, there is light at the end of the tunnel, despite what Ouroboros may have you believe.

Spiral out. Keep going,


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